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The first T-shirt I released with the bold statement 'used to wanna be like them till I realised being me was cooler ',  a very personable statement for me touching on how In my younger years I was almost lost, trying to do certain things to acquire things and run around different crowds. When In actuality I’d never fit in those crowds because it was never me , that when I was apart from those crowds in my own lane the light would shine brighter . How great is to be yourself no doubt in your heart , no facades , just you. People begin to gravitate towards you more .


It’s great being yourself ! Don’t forget .


Trying  to achieve things but not exactly knowing how, Ssnow for me showed me you can do what you want , I’ve always wanted to set an example for my brothers that there’s so many other ways to get to where you want to be without leaning towards the illegalities that are rampant in society , a better way. 


There’s no barriers only those you place on yourself .


Crabs In the bucket mentality was another thought that came to mind reflecting about my surroundings. If you don’t what that means  just imagine a bucket full of crabs , all attempting to leave the bucket instead of joining claws (hands) the crabs squabble so not one even manages to leave the bucket , if one manages to leave the bucket it could help another pull itself up.


This resonates with me almost a mirror to what I used to see growing up , people would rather tear you down because they’re scared you’d rise above them but in actuality one rising could open the doors for others. My aim is to be that crab that made it out . The crab at the top reaching down the helping hands shining the light on the other greats who are trying to escape the same bucket and the cycle continues.

Being a helping hand. What I aim to be as I grow and the brand itself .